Cafe MonteAgua

Experience the Bean High

Cafe MonteAgua

Experience the Bean High

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Direct from the grower,

traditional roasting,

simple preparation.


The Finest Single Origin Coffee Beans

From Antigua


Adventurous beans sourced through Direct Trade. These bold flavors range from Papua New Guinea, all the way to Espresso from Latin America and Africa.


 Refined Single Origin Coffee from Antigua, Guatemala. The most complex high altitude beans in the world Mélange Roasted to perfection.

Direct Trade | Single Origin

Our beans are procured exclusively from family estates in Antigua through the system of Direct Trade. This agreement is beneficial for both parties. Direct Trade means we get our beans from the source: growers who are paid substantially more than Fair Trade prices. A percentage is also reinvested in the farmers, increasing wages for all employees on the estates.  In an arrangement such as Fair Trade, co-ops of growers pay licensing agencies and middlemen to oversee the practices and negotiate prices – not enforce quality standards.

We don’t require an agency to ensure the ethics of our coffee or monitor our environmental impact; we’d rather do it ourselves.

Thanks to Direct Trade, we are hands-on with our product and know our farmers by name. They rely on our feedback to constantly improve the characteristics of their bean, further enhanced by our roasting process. This ongoing attention to detail is another reason our coffee continues to evolve and stands above the rest.

We are excited to be part of this rising trend – practical sustainability with a direct impact on quality of life.


Cafe MonteAgua

Greenville, Delaware